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Are you a business owner or entrepreneur?

Are you finding it difficult to work out what to focus on with your business during the COVID crisis, as you may be pivoting and reprioritising how to make revenue in the downturn?

Is impact and social responsibility still a core value in your business?

We have also experienced rapid changes to our business and life yet have capacity to help other entrepreneurs at this time and our priority is to be the stability we want to see.

We are offering you a helpline with Business Coach and Impact Entrepreneur Patricia Kaziro opening up her 1:1 Strategic Business Coaching as a high value message delivered to your inbox 4 days of the working week. We will deliver this message to business owners working from home every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to their inbox so they can move through the week with uplifting, relevant strategic business advice to grow their impact business and continue working towards their goals in these challenging times.

How it works

  1. Purchase our WFH Check-In package prior to Sunday evening via our website
  2. Your email will be registered and you will then receive 1 video Mon-Thurs the following week. Videos are no more than 10 mins in length and are delivered with a video presentation for clarity of concepts covered.
  3. Cost is AU$20 per week (AU$5 per day). Just over the cost of what you used to spend buying a coffee. Tremendous value!
  4. Patricia will cover these areas of business to help guide your workflow each week:

MONDAY – Business development and growth to increase revenue.  Don't be defeated, create opportunities for your business instead.

TUESDAY – Systematising and streamlining your business processes to increase productivity. How you can make the most of your time to do business better.

WEDNESDAY – Increasing your visibility in business and embracing technology to build brand awareness and a loyal customer base.

THURSDAY – Stress management and mindfulness tools to stay in flow during the COVID crisis (Patricia is a qualified transformative meditation teacher and understands that harnessing the power of the mind is key to maintaining a healthy equilibrium in business and life).

  1. You also have the opportunity to email in a question to be answered during a weekly session.


Keep up the momentum with your business through our weekly accountability circle. Learn how to pivot your business and set your business up better for future market challenges. Stay true to your values and continue creating an impact business that is profitable.

If you have a question please email us:


See you soon,