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Strategy Coach

Business Challenges?

  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Not sure what you need to organise?
  • Or do you have a business but are struggling to reach your goals and grow your business?

We have the solution – Radiate Coaching.

Radiate Coaching offers 1:1 coaching face-to-face and via Zoom. You have your own specialist Business Mentor and Master Coach Patricia Kaziro helping you reach your goals via highly effective strategy sessions designed just for you and your business.

This is a great solution for new entrepreneurs and for business owners needing support when dealing with specific business challenges.


  • A thought provoking creative process to maximize your personal and professional potential
  • The art of facilitating your performance, learning and development 
  • Facilitated by our Master Coach, moving you forward in your thinking or moving you into action (to achieve a shift)


  • Entrepreneurs who want to fast track their success
  • Entrepreneurs who want accountability and someone to bounce with
  • Entrepreneurs who want clarity about how to set goals and take steps that help them reach their business vision
  • Entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion into a profitable business


  1. Improving Your Business (Performance and Process)
  2. Increasing Your Success (via Inner game and Personal Development work)


  1. Clarity on your business and personal goals
  2. A clear future plan, goal setting and accountability tasks between sessions 

Individual Coaching Sessions

At Radiate Coaching we love working 1:1 with business owners via 60 minute coaching sessions. We work on the area of your business that you need the most help with.

We specialise in these areas of business coaching (as well as being able to shift you forwards through other general problems affecting your business):

  • Strategic planning to start or grow your business
  • Motivation and mindset advice to overcome barriers to your success
  • General business advice ie. "How to do X"
  • High value branding strategy - build your own empire
  • Creation of a profitable business model
  • Development of social impact and sustainability principles and practices to build a legacy into your business
  • Building a unique community around your brand as part of a customer acquisition strategy
  • Productivity, planning and time management strategy advice to systematise your business
  • Strategic communication + business negotiation insider tips to drive sales
  • Marketing strategies to activate and scale your business and brand
  • Opportunities to network and be part of the dynamic RADIATE Community for impact entrepreneurs

Contact PATRICIA KAZIRO now to set up your 60 MIN Discovery Session – see if we're a good fit and how we can help you achieve what you want to.

Email: patriciakaziro@mail.com

Mobile: +61 414 270 585



Why pick Radiate Coaching?

Radiate Coaching has been providing coaching services in the Sydney region since 2016. We are experts in developing effective communication tools, implementing strategies to increase sales, planning and increasing productivity, systems development and overcoming interpersonal challenges to streamline and grow your business.

We will support you as you build a thriving business that is achieving the success you want.

Patricia Kaziro’s expertise lies in starting, growing and managing new ventures, as well as building community engagement. She has qualifications and accreditations in Coaching, Education and a postgraduate Business Commercialisation degree.

Our services are also a tax deduction for your business.

Reach out to Patricia Kaziro today to book in your 60 MIN Discovery Session.

Email: patriciakaziro@mail.com

Mobile +61 414 270 585




10 x Strategy Sessions

The Platinum System to Personal & Business Success

1 hour 1:1 Strategy Coaching Sessions with Patricia Kaziro

In person or via Skype/Zoom (for interstate/overseas clients)

Package Includes BONUS 30 MINS research and business development feedback after each coaching session - to get you where you want to be FASTER

Payment options include an upfront package with discount and month to month payments. 



How do I get started?

EMAIL Patricia Kaziro to speak directly and discuss or to book in your Discovery Session.

Email: patriciakaziro@mail.com


Terms and Conditions

Coaching sessions are conducted in fortnightly increments. 

The month to month payments is not a lock-in contract. Recommended duration of coaching is 5 months to set reasonable business objectives and work towards them, however you can opt out of month to month payments with written email notification up to 30 days before the start of the new calendar month.

Testimonial 1

Name: Kara Bensley-Austin 

Position: Founder, CEO

Company: WYLD Shop (Singapore)

Before working with Patricia, my business (and personal) life was chaos. I was all over the place, lost and overwhelmed by everything.

While working with Patricia in our Strategy Sessions we have implemented structure that has been key to me executing important tasks and organising my personal and professional life.  I have someone who now holds me accountable for all the things that I have to do and that is most important to the success of my business. I feel like I am kicking constant goals at a pace that suits me, and feel that I am growing, and my business is growing.

I would highly recommend Business Strategy Sessions and working with Patricia if you need some structure and someone to engage with on a regular basis, who you can freely share your thoughts and ideas with. Patricia can help you manage your time and give you honest, helpful and constructive feedback.

Kara Bensley-Austin

Kara Bensley-Austin

Visit: The WYLD SHOP

Testimonial 2

Name: Theresa. Business Owner. Sydney, Australia.

My lack of focus on systems was holding back my business. I wasn’t sure if Patricia was the right person for me as I didn’t know her well. However she believed in me, helped ground me and focus on the essentials for my business. She helped me improve my planning processes and gain confidence with business software. I would recommend coaching and working with Patricia if you are wanting someone who is calm, patient, and also visionary, to help you get organised and stay on track for your business. 

Testimonial 3

Name: Julie Freitas 

Position: Founder

Company: Vegeta (Boston, USA)

Before working with Patricia, I was overwhelmed and lacked clarity on how to start my new food business.

While working with Patricia in our Strategy Sessions we remodeled my original business idea to something more scalable, set up a business presence on social media platforms, enhanced the business website with meaningful content, worked on defining market needs through online surveys, and identified strategic partners that are aligned with the values of both me and my business.

Because of our time together I have been able to stay organised through clear goal-setting, learned the value of researching your target market (prior to launch) and with Patricia’s helpful guidance and unwavering encouragement feel now I am much closer to the launch of my new business.

I would highly recommend Business Strategy Sessions for anyone who wants to get focused results on setting up their business start-up. 

Testimonial 4

Name: Csilla Cserhalmi          

Position: Architect/Business Operations Manager

Company: OCP Architects  (Sydney, Australia)    

Before working with Patricia I was struggling to map out what I needed to do, to accomplish, identify and ultimately achieve my life goals in my career and personal life.  

During the business coaching with Patricia, I discovered that through voicing my goals, and setting out a ‘plan of action’ I was not only able to identify what I wanted, but why I hadn’t taken steps to achieve my dreams prior to this. I really felt the experience with Radiate Coaching was illuminating, and I completed the coaching with a newfound positive outlook and a sense of purpose.

As a result of our time together I have been able to put practical steps in place to improve my life both at work and in my personal life, and through the ongoing communication with Radiate Coaching, I had the feedback and sounding board I needed to continue to grow.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their life habits, communication skills with colleagues and friends, and for those looking to excel in all areas of their lives.

Testimonial 5

Name: Kristyn Wuebbolt          

Position: Founder

Company: Monda Pins  (Australia/Canada)    

Patricia is an amazing listener. In just a short period of time, Patricia was able to form a solid understanding of my business objectives and goals and pick up on important aspects that I had overlooked.

Patricia’s strategy sessions are designed for anyone trying to build a start-up who is either confused, stuck, frustrated, or directionless. What I personally enjoyed about working with Patricia is her inquisitive questions, she will only ever make a recommendation after really listening and understanding your business.

Testimonial 6

Name: Anshu Sinha         

Position: Co-Founder, Head of Operations

Company: RobonomicsAI (Sydney, Australia)

Before my strategy session with Patricia I had not completely thought of the strategy to take my business idea forward. I had a strategy of how to make my business idea work but it was not completely clear.

As a result of working with Patricia via Strategy Coaching I have been able to streamline my business strategy and create an action plan with 3 focus areas to kickstart my initiatives immediately.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to bounce ideas with a professional business coach and streamline their business strategy from the 1st session.

The Strategy Session with Patricia was useful to focus on the business idea and get objective feedback of what may work and what doesn't with someone who isn't directly involved on the project and who can think rationally rather than emotionally about the pathway forward. It will now be faster for me to reach my business objectives as I have a clear strategy in place. 

Testimonial 7

Name: Anna Kaszycki         

Position: Founder, Aspire Beyond Greatness

Company: Aspire Beyond Greatness (Brisbane, Australia)

Before working with Patricia I was nervous and unsure about how to build and grow a business.

During the Strategy Coaching Sessions I felt inspired and motivated to take big action towards building the business I want.  

As a result of our time together I've been able to continue to take action and build momentum in growing my business.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to build a business that you want as your full time passion. If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, get elbow deep into working in your business and see massive progress, work with Patricia.

Testimonial 8

Name: Katherine        

Location: Sydney, Australia

Before working with Patricia, I was missing a clear direction and tools that I needed to make the career and life changes that I was aiming for. Patricia helped me identify opportunities, mapped out practical approaches for my ideas, and identified and guided me through many obstacles.

While working with Patricia in our Coaching Sessions many issues, gaps, as well as opportunities and new developments arose as we discussed details of my aims and actions from many perspectives. Rather than a linear approach, Patricia guided me to tackle and explore ideas and challenges as they arose: from strategies to clarify direction and plan, to fundamental ways to expand opportunities including developing authentic networks and social media presence. Patricia also addressed pragmatic skills needed for the job search process. As we worked through these aspects, Patricia helped me change my mindset and achieve much more than I expected- all with patience and clarity. I appreciate this as one of her strengths.

Because of our time together I have been energised to adapt to new working situations and to move my career in a way which seems much more authentic. I am also pursuing a new business idea. I’ve built resilience by making my abstract ideas more concrete and I feel privileged to have worked with Patricia, with her broad knowledge as well as her empathy and enthusiasm.  

I would highly recommend Coaching Sessions with Patricia to other women keen to make a significant career change by starting their own business. Patricia is great to work with. She took the time - actively listening and deeply reflecting - to understand the whole picture of challenges I experienced and how to resolve them so I could make my next career move smoothly. Patricia is an astute listener who adapted her approach to facilitate change specifically with me and to generate the actions that I needed to take to meet my complex goals.  She consistently responded to diverse issues as they arose with insight and depth and she is trustworthy and committed. In addition, I see my time working with Patricia as both enriching and fun.  Thank you Patricia!