"Build your dream business and create more impact" - Patricia Kaziro, the Impact Business Coach

The Impact Business Coach helps you monetize your knowledge and create more impact


Patricia Kaziro

Business Challenges?

  • Are you an educator, coach or service professional with your own business?
  • Do you struggle to reach your financial goals?
  • Would you like to reach more of your ideal clients?
  • Does scaling a business overwhelm you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions I can help you grow a profitable, sustainable and impactful business.

I offer 1:1 Strategy Coaching and the Wealth Builder Formula program to help you transform your knowledge into a valuable asset. This enables you to create a passive income and generate wide-reaching social impact and the platform to be a thought leader in their field.


  • Maximises your personal and professional potential
  • Supports you to become a high performing business owner
  • Moves you forward in your thinking into action to achieve a positive shift in mindset and behaviour


  • Entrepreneurs who want to fast-track their success
  • Entrepreneurs who want greater accountability to reach their goals
  • Entrepreneurs who want clarity about actionable steps that help them reach their business vision
  • Entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion for helping others into a profitable business

The Wealth Creator Program is built on 3 pillars:

  1. Systematise your Business
  2. Commercialise your Knowledge
  3. Leverage Growth Hacks to find your Ideal Customers

Our program will transform your business and create an iconic personal brand.

Become the go-to person in your industry.

1:1 Strategy Coaching Sessions

I specialise in these areas of business coaching (as well as being able to shift you forwards through other general problems affecting your business):

  • Strategic planning to grow a profitable, sustainable and impactful business
  • Motivation and mindset advice to overcome personal barriers to your success
  • General business advice ie. "How to do X"
  • High value impact branding strategy - build your own iconic brand
  • Marketing strategies to activate and scale your business and brand
  • Building a community of people with shared values around your brand
  • Productivity and time management strategy to systematise your business
  • Strategic communication + business insights to drive sales

How do I get started?

Tired of wasting time and money on your business? Generate wealth and help more people by taking your business to the next level. I support talented entrepreneurs to take their message to the world.