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Meet the Leaders Podcast



Meet the Leaders: Insider Stories with Impact Business Innovators

Conversations that reveal the story behind entrepreneurs who are doing business better so we can learn how to build and lead modern companies with courage and conviction. 

This podcast is hosted by Patricia Kaziro, Founder and CEO of Radiate Coaching and Impact Business School. Impact Business School is a digital ecosystem redesigning education to confidently steer creatives and innovators to build high impact companies. Patricia chats with CEOS and founders who have progressive business missions that solve issues they have seen in their industry or community.

Hear from often unsung heroes who are making a real impact through everyday business.

What are the next generation of business leaders doing differently? How have they used business to tackle complex social and ecological problems? What insights can they share about the joys and challenges of leadership, having a progressive agenda and scaling their passion projects into impactful, sustainable and profitable businesses?

The future of business is impact-driven and has a positive effect on people, planet, profit and purpose for the benefit of all.

We dive deep into the minds of people who are pursuing change with courage and conviction. Join us.


Episode 1

Phil Evangelou, Founder of OpenLegal and Kupendo Kids: legal advice done differently for Australian startups and an African social enterprise created with love.

For the very first episode of Meet the Leaders: Insider Stories with Impact Business Innovators, Patricia interviews Phil Evangelou, a highly accomplished commercial lawyer and Co-Founder of OpenLegal

Phil has worked in both private practice and in-house counsel in Sydney and London at various law firms and fast growing multinational companies. Through OpenLegal, Phil counsels entrepreneurs to start, scale and grow their businesses by providing affordable and practical legal advice. Phil is also a philanthropist and founder of a social enterprise called Kupendo Kids, which employs women in Cape Town and supports orphanages in developing countries.

Listen in to learn more about how Phil is modernising legal services to make them more accessible and approachable for startup entrepreneurs;  how he gives back in business by supporting women with his social enterprise in South Africa and and hear candid insights about leadership and the importance of doing your due diligence when scaling your venture and impact.

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Episode 2

Elena Muñoz, Founder of Vesta - a business mentor guiding artisans in Mexico to conquer their creativity and commercialize their talent.

Elena Muñoz is a business mentor and consultant working with social impact businesses and artisans. She is guided by her love of creativity, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and making a positive social impact. Elena has worked for creative audio-visual enterprises in Mexico, France and Indonesia. Her experience living in Bali fuelled her long time urge to start her own business, Vesta; and use her diverse experience to be of service to social entrepreneurs. Through Vesta, she offers business mentoring and consulting to creative entrepreneurs who want to grow a profitable social impact business by discovering their passion and building upon this inner fire.

Listen in to hear from charismatic Elena as she shares her business journey, modernising ancient crafts to create profitable businesses, overcoming limiting perceptions of what women entrepreneurs can achieve in her homeland of Mexico and cultural nuances in doing business, learnt from several years living abroad.

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