“We each have the power to create meaningful change in this world. The problem many people face is not having the knowledge, tools and strategy to activate their values. This is where I come in.”

My mission is to help more entrepreneurs grow impactful, sustainable and profitable businesses.

I love working with visionary entrepreneurs who have a passion for social change and ecological regeneration and who wish to create a legacy through impact.

My own values are strongly aligned with achieving social justice and protecting our beautiful planet.

I coach entrepreneurs to transform their mindset and work on their inner game so that they can become high performing Impact CEOs. I also mentor business owners on how to implement effective business strategies and strategic planning to scale their for-purpose businesses globally.

Creating community and maximising social impact through business is at the heart of everything I do. With a postgraduate degree in Business Commercialisation, I’ve also studied sociology, education and social ecology at University, and devoted years to a community based recovery program working with mental health patients as the Program Director. I love to shine a light on undiscovered pathways for people to move towards aligning their passion and purpose. 

I launched the 1st Speaker Series: 'For your ears only. The soft power of women in business' in July 2018, which sold out. The 2nd Speaker Series was part of Spark Festival 2018. I'm proud of being able to give women entrepreneurs a platform to speak about their business success and challenges and create a community for impact entrepreneurs.

I am a big picture thinker with an eye for detail and find it easy to connect with ‘thinking’ or ‘feeling’ types of people. I have experienced firsthand the struggle entrepreneurs face on their journey to succeed and can confidently guide other people who are starting or growing their business. I love working with a diverse range of people who want to create social and eco impact through their business, and to help them live on purpose by enacting their values.

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