Patricia transforms the mindset and inner game for female entrepreneurs and helps women implement business roadmaps and planning as a Strategy Coach through her company Radiate Coaching. She is also the Founder of innerCIRCLE6, providing accessible and affordable online business education, a Speaker Series and community network to support women in business globally.

Creating community and maximising social impact is at the heart of everything Patricia Kaziro does. With a postgraduate degree in Business Commercialisation, she has also studied Sociology and Education with a specialisation in Social Ecology at University, and devoted years to a community based recovery program working with mental health patients as the Program Director. She is an innovative Educator, Coach and Transformative leader who loves to shine a light on undiscovered pathways for women to move towards aligning their passion and purpose. Her mission is to level the playing field for female entrepreneurs so that the number of female founders rises to 50%, in line with the population.

Patricia launched the 1st innerCIRCLE6 Speaker Series: 'For your ears only. The soft power of women in business' in July 2018, which sold out. The 2nd Speaker Series was part of Spark Festival 2018.

Patricia is a big picture thinker with an eye for detail and finds it easy to connect with ‘thinking’ or ‘feeling’ types of people. Patricia has experienced firsthand the struggle entrepreneurs face on their journey to succeed, and can confidently guide other women who are starting or growing their business.  In 2015 she developed and directed a community service for mental health outpatients and has previously established a business within landscape design. Patricia loves working with a diverse range of women, modelling an abundant approach to doing business, essentially empowering women to generate wealth so that women can live the life they want.

1:1 coaching sessions –  in person in Sydney or via Skype/Zoom

Group coaching sessions – please enquire

Reach PATRICIA here: helloradiatecoaching@gmail.com



Here's what Patricia has to say about her role as a Master Coach:

“For many clients I work with, the most common reasons why they enlist my help is that a) they’re weighed down by their responsibilities and have anxiety b) they’re bored and have lost touch with their dreams and sense of purpose c) they’ve been thinking about change for a while, haven't made it yet and are now ready for a transformation. 

As their Coach, I am at their service, and as a woman starts to implement positive changes in their lives, I see a noticeable difference in a woman’s confidence and personal life as she moves forwards with living her best life. This is such a great joy for me and genuinely makes me feel like my mission is complete. I love to help any woman who wants to tap into her potential, realise her dreams and achieve her goals. My purpose in life is to create the community and opportunities through my workshops, for women to renew and renergise and ultimately discover that their own sense of empowerment, peace, joy, adventure, bliss & purpose awaits by starting or growing their own business.

I'm a huge advocate of leaning into life and pushing through pain or fear to reach the rewards on the other side. Every woman is so unique and has her own gifts and I truly believe that NOW is her time to shine".