Impact Legacy


Defining your Company Purpose and WHY:

What comes to mind when you think of legacy?

Legacy is something people tend to think about as they become older but at Radiate Coaching we believe you can start working on creating one at any age.

Through our Impact Legacy Package we help entrepreneurs better understand how they can distil their own unique legacy by incorporating social and eco impact outcomes into their business framework.

In our 4 Step Package we guide you on how to make impact a core piece in your business’ model, vision and work culture.


Who’s it For?

  • Any entrepreneur who wants to build a purposeful and profitable business.
  • Any entrepreneur who wants to connect in with their core values and enact them in their business.
  • Any entrepreneur who wants to cultivate a business culture, systems and processes that lead to impact based outcomes in their business.
  • Any entrepreneur who wants to leave a legacy.
  • Startups and scaleup businesses looking to increase their brand equity and build a strong, unique selling proposition.
  • Young companies that want to implement forward thinking actions and behaviours that instil good into their everyday business practice, helping to trigger a change for the greater good. 


  • 4 x 1.5hr Mastermind Sessions with Patricia Kaziro (available in-person in Sydney, Australia or via Zoom).

Session 1

  • Deep dive into your values.
  • Create a vision for yourself – determine what type of impact entrepreneur and leader you want to be.
  • Discover what types of social or eco impact are aligned with your values.
  • Match your interests to a real world problem to solve through your business.

Session 2

  • Create a vision for your business – what you want to achieve as a company with impact goals and an overarching company mission.
  • Develop a social and sustainability impact business model that can be implemented within the current operations of your business.

Session 3

  • Strategic Planning – learn how to embed and implement impact goals in your business.

Session 4

  • Learn how to measure and promote the impact of your venture.
  • Develop a branding strategy that capitalizes on the impact of your venture and create a unique selling position for your company in the wider market.


Examples of Social and Sustainable Impact in Business:

  • Health and wellness initiatives incorporated into the workplace for employees.
  • Sustainably sourced materials for manufacturing your products.
  • A percentage of profits go to a cause nominated by the company.
  • Customers can choose to donate to a cause nominated by the company.

“Our Impact Legacy Package is rewarding and life changing for entrepreneurs. By taking part in these sessions you can be your own hero and contribute to causes that you care about. It's a smart way to do business by clearly defining your purpose and helping employees and customers to identify with your company's values. Build a company legacy that other people can connect with, remember and return to.” Patricia Kaziro

Next Steps

Contact us to book in a 30 min Impact Legacy Discovery call with Patricia Kaziro to find out more or to book in your Impact Legacy Package and get started on creating a legacy today.

Patricia Kaziro