Conscious Flow is the Premium Group Coaching Experience to help you fast-track your impact-based business.

Create a Legacy Through Impact

with Impact Business Coach and Mentor Patricia Kaziro

"A legacy is like planting a tree under which you may never sit." - Patricia

Are you a service provider helping other people? 

Perhaps you sell an eco-friendly product? 

Whether your passion is to provide a sustainable product or impactful service we would like to invite you to join our new Premium Group Coaching Experience. If you’re ready to create a better business that focuses on creating impact, as well as being profitable and would like clear guidance to get organized and create an achievable path to your business vision, then this experience will help you find your north star in business. 


Radiate Coaching was founded in 2016 in Sydney, Australia by global Business Coach and Mentor Patricia Kaziro. Now working with impact entrepreneurs around the globe, we support people on their entrepreneurial journey to reach their business dreams and goals faster.

We offer 1:1 Business Coaching and Premium Group Coaching Experiences, networking events, retreats and online education so you can reach your business dreams and goals faster.


Patricia is considered to be a leading Business Coach and Mentor, impact entrepreneur and social innovator. Hundreds of people have completed her inspirational and educational workshops and events, coaching programs and courses. Patricia featured in a radio interview on 2SER in 2019 on women’s empowerment and she is an authority and thought leader on social and sustainability impact innovation and diversity and inclusion.

Patricia has previously launched and directed a community service for mental health outpatients and has undertaken postgraduate studies in the school of thought relating to social ecology, which is at the forefront of thinking about the interconnectedness of ecological and social problems.


  1. Identify your Values                                      
  2. Gain Accountability Working with a Coach      
  3. Establish a Clear Business Vision                    


Our testimonials:

“While working with Patricia in our Strategy Sessions we have implemented structure that has been key to me executing important tasks and organising my personal and professional life.  I have someone who now holds me accountable for all the things that I have to do and that is most important to the success of my business. I feel like I am kicking constant goals at a pace that suits me, and feel that I am growing, and my business is growing.” - Founder and CEO of WYLD Shop, Kara Bensley-Austin (Singapore).

"Because of our time together I have been able to stay organised through clear goal-setting, learned the value of researching your target market (prior to launch) and with Patricia’s helpful guidance and unwavering encouragement feel now I am much closer to the launch of my new business. I would highly recommend Business Strategy Coaching with Patricia to anyone who wants to get focused results on setting up their impact start-up. " - Founder of a plant-based food delivery service, Julie Freitas (USA).

    "I would highly recommend  Strategy Coaching to entrepreneurs who want to take their business idea to the next level and start getting clear on their business vision and how to get there. Since working with Patricia I have acquired my first customers and started setting up strategic referral channels to generate more revenue. It’s also useful for anyone who wants to improve their life habits, to work more effectively and for those looking to excel in all areas of their business" - Founder of a financial services startup, Justin B. (Australia).


    • START DATE: Next Program starts July 20th, 2020.
    • DURATION: 3 weeks on Mondays.
    • MODE: 100% online. Work from home.
    • MODULES: 3 modules.
    • FORMAT: 90 min webinar presentation and interactive group coaching session.

    Are you ready to...

    • Plan your business for the next 6 months and set stretch goals?
    • Generate more revenue and impact?
    • Create a sustainable business that leaves a legacy through impact?

    Our Conscious Flow Premium Group Coaching Experience features:

    No Hype – Because we care we create down to earth, practical content + strategies that work

    Premium Content - We provide affordable, premium quality business coaching and education that is accessible from the comfort of your own home 

    World-class – Proven + powerful techniques in a global learning environment

    Impact Business Coach Patricia's expertise and passion lies with starting for-profit businesses and she has also established several social impact and sustainability community projects, so if you are interested in starting and scaling an impact-based business you will walk away with inspiring and practical insights into how to scale an impactful, sustainable and profitable business.

    WHO'S IT FOR? 

    ✔ Busy entrepreneurs who want to block out 90 mins per week to focus on the direction of their life, career and business by learning how to set up or scale your own impact business

    ✔ Anyone that's working away 9 to 5 in a job they don’t love and wants to set up an impact-based side hustle 

    ✔ Any entrepreneur with a BIG idea or a PASSION they're not fully pursuing, that doubts their ability to make it a reality

    ✔ Changemakers and trailblazers who are thinking about starting a new business but don’t know where to start

    ✔ People who want to share a positive message by selling an impact-based  service or product, e.g. via an online platform or face-to-face

    ✔ Existing successful entrepreneurs looking for more insights and strategies on how to build on the foundations of their business  and scale it globally within 12 months

    ✔ Any entrepreneur that wants to create a new work/life direction, work more efficiently and improve their current lifestyle by working in “conscious flow”.


    You need to Invest in Yourself to Gain More Knowledge and Grow Your Business Today!

    QUESTIONS? Scroll down to find FAQ section or email us today at:



    Steps that we take throughout the process of coaching:

    WEEK 1

    • Deciding what’s most important in your business – which demographic do you most want to serve, what is the best way to reach them?
    • Test and validate your business idea.
    • Identify your top 10 values to guide your life and business decisions.
    • Creating a vision board for 2020. Define your purpose, vision, mission and values. 

    WEEK 2

    • Streamline and systematise your business. Customise our weekly time tracker matrix for your lifestyle. 
    • Goal setting for the next 6 months in 2020 including rewards, learning and financial goals. Identify two focus areas. 
    • Set two stretch goals and form a daily practice to create new habits and take daily steps towards your goals.

    WEEK 3

    • Blue sky picture thinking and dreaming. How to set a major goal to launch in the first quarter of 2020 and start laying the foundation steps now. Commit to blocking out 2 hours of Strategy and Execute Time per week to get there. 
    • Identify two new or revised revenue streams to future proof your business. Eg a product and a service. 
    • Build your community. Enhance your digital marketing via a soft launch strategy. Increase revenue and customer acquisition via our growth hacks.


    (All figures are in USD)

    3 weeks training and strategy  ($515 value!) 

    90 min weekly group coaching and Q&A live with Patricia

    3 x weekly workbooks ($150 value!) 

    PLUS THESE BONUSES 30 min pre-PGCE 1:1 Strategy Coaching Session with Patricia and a 30 min post-PGCE 1:1 Strategy Coaching Session  with Patricia ($170 value!) 

    BONUS – 1 hour free training "Move towards attracting in your ideal customers, an exercise in impact-based branding" ($170 value!) 

    Total value of over 1000k, Only $297

    Starting July 20th, 2020 with limited places.


    Master Business Coach Patricia Kaziro

    Combining her lifelong commitment to social justice and sustainable ecosystems, Patricia seeks to bridge the gap between what we know and what we can do when it comes to a new generation of changemakers who have grown up hearing about our climate crisis and social issues. Her intention is to help more people activate their values by helping them answer these questions: “How can I give back? How do I create change through my business? How can I make a difference?” In answering these questions herself, which led to many personal breakthroughs, Patricia has dedicated her life purpose to helping others learn about impact entrepreneurship, activating their values and living on purpose. Learn more here: Patricia Kaziro


    Will it be all theory or stuff I've heard before?

    Absolutely not. We hate those types of E-Courses too.

    The content is delivered in an interactive and engaging environment and is based on what's working right now in profitable and sustainable businesses all around the world. It’s based on our entire team's experience and from Patricia Kaziro’s experience in launching 3 impact-based businesses and applying dozens of modalities, over multiple coaching sessions, with many years professional experience in business. In short, it’s based on strategies that get results.

    The fast paced world of business is ever changing and we’ve packaged the tools you need to refine your business skills to turn your dream business into a reality. Our Premium Group Coaching Experience will give you the knowledge, tools, accountability, confidence and inspiration to start making more money and impact, by doing what you love.


    Why study with us?

    Investing in your education is the smartest choice you can make in life.

    We specialise in impact entrepreneurship education. Although there are many different ways to run a business, our courses will give you the skills and clarity to reach your business dreams and goals faster. We provide a clear business roadmap, with easy steps to business success.

    Our practical Premium Group Coaching Experience is interactive and has set tasks that help you to take action, which is the fastest way to become successful in a new business venture. 

    We are passionate about helping people gain affordable access to entrepreneurship education in a female-friendly environment, in order to increase your quality of living and help you live the life you want.

    Education and coaching should not be a luxury item. Go your own way by sharpening your business skills with us and learn the ins and outs of growing a profitable business today.


    Why online?

    At Radiate Coaching we offer you an engaging learning experience with access to our Master Coach Patricia Kaziro and a private online community of impact entrepreneurs with similar business goals, to support you on your business journey.

    We know that it can be difficult to take the first steps to investing in yourself and want to assure you that studying with us will open up opportunities as you study with us, flexibly and wherever you want online, but never alone.

    Our learning materials are easy-to-follow and understand. We have created lesson modules, worksheets and videos that are user-friendly and straightforward so you can gain the knowledge you need to start or grow your own business today. Whether you’re seeking a career change or have recently finished school or a degree or are a mature-age student or a mom looking to start a business, our inclusive online program is the answer.

    Is there access to extra help?

    When you join our circle, you join the world of business. At Radiate Coaching we provide a friendly circle of support at the ready when you need it. All you need to do is reach out via email or in our private community forum when you have a query and we will answer it. Additional 1:1 Coaching is also available with Master Coach Patricia Kaziro to fast track your business and life success. We genuinely care about your success, it is our #1 priority and we will ensure that you never feel like you are learning by yourself.


    Is there one on one coaching included?

    Yes, there are two x 30 min 1:1 Coaching sessions included in your Premium Group Coaching Experience package. There is also an option to upgrade your package by adding on more 1:1 Strategy Coaching sessions with our Master Coach Patricia Kaziro. When you choose this option you are fast tracking your success by adding the highest level of support on your business journey. Coach Patricia will give you a personal feedback loop via Zoom-based Strategy Coaching sessions as you progress through the modules. You can connect in with Patricia from anywhere in the world via Zoom, ask your questions directly and receive personalised strategic business advice.


    How do I access the Premium Group Coaching Experience?

    The Premium Group Coaching Experience is accessible via Zoom, so you simply need an internet connection to join us and can download the Module worksheets to undertake the weekly Action Tasks at your own pace without internet access. You can engage in the online community forum at any time with an internet connection.


    • 3 Modules over 3 consecutive weeks.
    • Accessed in 1 Bundle.
    • Each Module includes 1 x 90 min Zoom Lesson with Patricia Kaziro and 1 x Worksheet with Practical Exercises to take action on the learnings straight away.


    • Increase your confidence and knowledge about starting and scaling your impact-based business globally in the next 12 months. 
    • Develop a deep understanding of how to clearly communicate your business solution and value proposition to key audiences by developing a clear branding strategy and niche for your business.
    • Implement your own high quality business strategy for 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 in customized, easy-to-follow steps and start attracting in your ideal clients and customers.
    • Work effectively by using proven time management processes and by implementing structure in your business to save you time and money as your business grows - learn to work in “conscious flow”.


    After listening in and taking part in each Group Coaching Session in our Premium Group Coaching Experience you will be asked to complete a set of practical exercises in your own time and at your own pace before the following Session. These exercises are the best way to move forward with starting or growing your business today. These exercises are clearly explained, with concrete examples given so you can follow and then start to action them. Exercises are practical, not academic, so that you can put the learnings into practice the same day that you join one of the 3 Sessions. 

    Remember, investing in your education is the smartest choice you can make in life.

    We are doing a callout for conscious entrepreneurs. This premium group coaching experience is for “dreamers and doers”. People who want to make the world a better place use their business as a tool to make this happen. 

    Ready to get started?

    When you join our circle, you join the world of business.
    We help you reach your business dreams and goals faster.
    Join us today. 


    Email Patricia Kaziro for next steps to get started on July 20th, 2020.
    Places are limited.

    We see your potential. No business dream is too big or small. Join us to fast-track your success.