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Strategy Coach
Strategy Coach
Strategy Coach
Strategy Coach
Strategy Coach

Strategy Coach

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Business Challenges?

  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Not sure what you need to organise?
  • Or do you have a business but are struggling to reach your goals and grow your business?

We have the solution – Radiate Coaching.

Radiate Coaching offers 1:1 coaching face-to-face and via Skype. You have your own specialist business mentor Patricia Kaziro helping you reach your goals via highly effective strategy sessions designed just for you and your business.

This is a great solution for new business start-ups and for business owners needing support when dealing with specific business challenges.

Individual Coaching Sessions

At Radiate Coaching we love working 1:1 with business owners via 60 minute coaching sessions. We work on the area of your business that you need the most help with.

We specialise in these areas of business coaching (as well as being able to shift you forwards through other general problems affecting your business):

  • Motivation advice
  • Business advice
  • Branding advice
  • Building a community around your brand
  • Productivity, planning and strategy advice
  • Communication, negotiation and conflict resolution advice
  • Marketing advice

Contact PATRICIA KAZIRO now to set up your free 60 MIN initial consultation – see if we are a good fit and if we can help you achieve what you want to.

0414 270 585

Why pick Radiate Coaching?

Radiate Coaching has been providing coaching services in the Sydney region since 2016. We are experts in developing effective communication tools, strategy setting, planning and increasing productivity, systems development and overcoming interpersonal challenges to streamline and grow your business.

We will support you as you build a thriving business that is achieving the success you want.

Patricia Kaziro’s expertise lies in starting, growing and managing new ventures, as well as building community engagement. She has qualifications and accreditations in coaching and education and is currently studying her MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Our services are also a tax deduction for your business.

Contact Patricia Kaziro today to book in your FREE 60 MIN coaching session.

0414 270 585


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10 x Strategy Sessions

The Platinum System to Personal & Business Success

1 hour 1:1 Strategy Coaching SessionS with Patricia Kaziro

In person or via Skype

Package Includes BONUS 30 MINS research and business development feedback after each coaching session - to get you where you want to be FASTER


Option 1:

Pay $2500 online via credit card

Option 2:

Pay $2250 via bank transfer in 1 payment, save $250 (that includes 1 FREE session)

Option 3:

Pay $2500 via bank transfer in 2 payments, as a PAYMENT PLAN 

EMAIL to activate Options 2 or 3: 

Testimonial 1

Name: Csilla Cserhalmi          

Position: Architect/Business Operations Manager

Company: OCP Architects  (Sydney, Australia)    

Before working with Patricia I was struggling to map out what I needed to do, to accomplish, identify and ultimately achieve my life goals in my career and personal life.  

During the business coaching with Patricia, I discovered that through voicing my goals, and setting out a ‘plan of action’ I was not only able to identify what I wanted, but why I hadn’t taken steps to achieve my dreams prior to this. I really felt the experience with Radiate Coaching was illuminating, and I completed the coaching with a newfound positive outlook and a sense of purpose.

As a result of our time together I have been able to put practical steps in place to improve my life both at work and in my personal life, and through the ongoing communication with Radiate Coaching, I had the feedback and sounding board I needed to continue to grow.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their life habits, communication skills with colleagues and friends, and for those looking to excel in all areas of their lives.

Testimonial 2

Name: Kristyn Wuebbolt          

Position: Founder

Company: Real Estate Simply  (Australia/Canada)    

Patricia is an amazing listener. In just a short period of time, Patricia was able to form a solid understanding of my business objectives and goals and pick up on important aspects that I had overlooked.

Patricia’s strategy sessions are designed for anyone trying to build a start-up who is either confused, stuck, frustrated, or directionless. What I personally enjoyed about working with Patricia is her inquisitive questions, she will only ever make a recommendation after really listening and understanding your business.

Testimonial 3

Name: Anshu Sinha         

Position: Co-Founder, Head of Operations

Company: RobonomicsAI (Sydney, Australia)

Before my strategy session with Patricia I had not completely thought of the strategy to take my business idea forward. I had a strategy of how to make my business idea work but it was not completely clear.

As a result of working with Patricia via Strategy Coaching I have been able to streamline my business strategy and create an action plan with 3 focus areas to kickstart my initiatives immediately.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to bounce ideas with a professional business coach and streamline their business strategy from the 1st session.

The Strategy Session with Patricia was useful to focus on the business idea and get objective feedback of what may work and what doesn't with someone who isn't directly involved on the project and who can think rationally rather than emotionally about the pathway forward. It will now be faster for me to reach my business objectives as I have a clear strategy in place.