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Wealth for Women, 8 Easy Steps to Business Success

“Are You Ready To Earn Money, by Building Your Own Business, Doing What You Love?”

Our leading Master Coach, Patricia Kaziro is back training again with a transformative new E-Course!

“Wealth for Women, 8 Easy Steps to Business Success” is by far one of the most popular and proven platforms to learn more about starting or growing a business and the perfect way to get your business started or keep it on track in 2019.

innerCIRCLE6  is proud to provide affordable, accessible business education for women all around the globe. This E business course will show you how to start a business in 8 easy steps so you can learn how to earn more money and how to earn money from home by turning your passion into a profitable business.


If you’re interested in starting a business in any one of these areas: service based business or consultancy, E commerce online shop, running workshops and content based business, a physical or online marketplace, online and digital products, and more, then Wealth for Women, 8 Easy Steps to Business Success will be the right E-Course for you! Learn from the comfort of your own home. No more going out for training courses. Join an online network of motivated women with similar business goals, who are building their own business.


Here's what you'll learn in this E-Course....

MODULE 1: Take Charge of Your Finances: How to Earn Money by Setting up a Business that Helps Your Customers.

Regardless of your age or current financial situation, financial freedom and personal wealth is attainable. Keep in mind, it can happen quickly because wealth is based on strategy and strategy can be learned through Education and Coaching.

In this module you’ll learn how to earn money doing what you love and how to lay the foundations for your own business by setting up a business that helps your customers.

You will learn:

  • How to avoid money stress by setting up a business doing what you love
  • The secret of moving your customers away from pain and closer to pleasure so that they buy your product or service
  • How to identify and create a business niche that makes you stand out from your competitors
  • …and so much more!

MODULE 2: The Minimalist Guide to Growing Your Business at Speed: How to Validate your Business Idea and Test whether it Works in under 1 day.

Setting up a new business can be a time consuming, costly and stressful task that you don’t want to waste time on if it’s not going to become a worthwhile endeavour. There’s nothing worse than wasting precious resources on an idea only to discover that it wasn’t a viable option. Being able to test your idea quickly and while spending as little money as possible leaves you with more time and money to be able to hit the ground running once the idea is validated. In this Module we will teach you the 3 Key Strategies to fast-track your business success by validating your idea and getting a feedback loop from potential customers without spending a cent, and before you invest any money into building your business.

You will learn:

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of spending your precious money on your business too early
  • How to invest the minimum amount of time and money finding out the truth about whether other people think you have a good business idea and if they would in fact pay for your product or service
  • The correct next steps to take to get your product ready for launch - 3 clear, proven strategies
  • …and so much more!

MODULE 3: The Shocking Truth about Marketing: How to Convert your Business Communication into Sales

Buying is not a logical decision making process so it is imperative to your business that you understand how to communicate with your customers in a relevant manner to generate sales. You may have many potential customers who come close to buying your product or service, but without a clear understanding of how to convert your business communication into sales, you could miss out on taking potential customers across the finish the line into sales territory. Module 3 shows you how to develop clear-cut, key messages to effectively sell your product or service.

You will learn:

  • How to identify key drivers of potential customers’ buying behaviour
  • The importance of communication in business
  • Personalised ways of communicating with your target market
  • How to create clear and iconic branding statements to include in your marketing strategy to gain more customers
  • ...and so much more

MODULE 4: Branding Hacks: A Cheat Sheet on How to Create Your Own Iconic Brand

A new business is going to be unrecognisable and unmemorable to most people without effective branding. Put your business at the forefront of the mind of your ideal customer by creating an iconic brand for your own business. Customers are more likely to choose a brand that they can remember and relate to the most and this module will teach you how to turn your brand into the brand people think of first.

You will learn:

  • How to create branding guidelines that shape the look, sound and feel of your own iconic business
  • How to form a memorable and recognisable image of your brand in your target customers mind
  • How to decide on generic or personalised branding
  • ...and so much more!

MODULE 5: How to Create a Product or Service that Your Ideal Customer Will Love

Coming soon in 2019!

MODULE 6: Define Your Business Why and Build Your Following Today

Coming soon in 2019!

MODULE 7: How to Commercialise Your Passion using a Profitable Business Model

Coming soon in 2019!

MODULE 8: Platinum Success: a Personal and Business Organisational Mastery System

Coming soon in 2019!




Here at innerCIRCLE6 we are passionate about empowering women to join the world of business. We provide high quality materials to teach you the fastest way to create a profitable business doing what you love.

The success of your business is our #1 priority. Our E-Course is an experience like no other….here’s why:

No Hype – Because we care, we create down to earth,

practical content + strategies that work

Premium Content - We provide affordable, premium quality

services and that are accessible from the comfort of your own home

World-class – Proven + powerful techniques in a

global learning environment

Master Coach Patricia's expertise and passion lies with starting for-profit businesses and she has also established several social impact and sustainability community projects, so if you have an interest in any type of business you will walk away with inspiring insights into how to set up your own business.

======== WHO'S IT FOR? ========

✔ Busy women who want to block out 1 evening or 2 hours per week to focus on the direction of their life, career and business by learning how to set up or grow your own business
✔ Any woman that's working away 9 to 5 in a job they don’t love
✔ Any woman with a BIG idea or a PASSION they're not pursuing, who doubts their ability to make it a reality
✔ Women who are thinking about starting a new business but don’t know where to start
✔ Women who want to share a positive message by selling a service or product, e.g. via online platforms
✔ Existing successful female founders/business owners looking for more tips and strategies on how to build on the foundations of the work they have already done and grow their business
✔ Any woman that wants to create a new life direction, work more efficiently and improve their current lifestyle


Gain More Knowledge and Grow Your Business Today!

We’d love to share a comment from Mimi, who recently started the

Wealth for Women, 8 Easy Steps to Business Success E-Course

"The modules were fantastic! I’ve been able to gain clarity about how to turn my business idea into a reality and set realistic goals each week to action. Before this E-Course it was just a dream and I felt stuck, now my dream to start my own business is real. Thank you innerCIRCLE6".



Patricia Kaziro is a Master Business Coach who mentors women to launch and grow their own profitable business. She has previously founded three successful businesses including an online shop, landscape design business and coaching business. She has also established and directed a community service, endorsed by City of Sydney, with widespread social and sustainability impact. Patricia’s mission is to empower women to start and grow their own business, without the stress or confusion involved. In 2018, Patricia launched and MC’d her own Speaker Series to shine a light on successful female entrepreneurs and innovators.

Patricia specialises in helping women reach their business goals faster to generate wealth via 1:1 Strategy Coaching, networking events and E-Courses. Patricia helps women create a profitable business model, craft clear sales messages and create standout branding so you too can attract customers and clients to grow your own business.

Patricia Kaziro

Patricia Kaziro


When you join our circle, you join the world of business.

At innerCIRCLE6 we help you reach your business dreams and goals faster.



Platinum Starter Strategy Coaching Package

Ready to get started? Looking for a Business Coach as well?

You can invest in your business and fast track your success even more by taking up our special offer:

  • 4 x 30 MIN Video Calls with Master Business Coach Patricia Kaziro (2 Calls per month)
  • Get a feedback loop on your Business Plans and Business Strategy as you progress through the E-Course
  • Our Platinum Starter Strategy Coaching Package is ONLY AU$400 when you purchase the Wealth for Women, 8 Easy Steps for Business Success E-Course. (Save AU$100 when you purchase this Package as an add-on)

======== WHO'S IT FOR? ========

  • Entrepreneurs who want to fast track their success
  • Entrepreneurs who want accountability and someone to bounce with
  • Entrepreneurs who want clarity about how to set goals and take steps that help them reach their business vision
  • Entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion into a profitable business

Learn more about our Strategy Business Coaching HERE

We work with women all around the globe, including Australia, Asia and the USA.

We schedule our Video Calls via Skype or Zoom for your ease and convenience. If you have any queries about our Platinum Starter Strategy Coaching Package please email: innerCIRCLE6@mail.com

**When you purchase the Platinum Starter Strategy Coaching Package as an add-on you will receive an email with link to Patricia's Calendar to book in your 1st 1:1 session.

What People are saying about Master Coach Patricia Kaziro

Name: Julie Freitas

Position: Founder

Company: FreshWeigh (Boston, USA)

Before working with Patricia, I was overwhelmed and lacked clarity on how to start my new food business.

While working with Patricia in our Strategy Sessions we remodeled my original business idea to something more scalable, set up a business presence on social media platforms, enhanced the business website with meaningful content, worked on defining market needs through online surveys, and identified strategic partners that are aligned with the values of both me and my business.

Because of our time together I have been able to stay organised through clear goal-setting, learned the value of researching your target market (prior to launch) and with Patricia’s helpful guidance and unwavering encouragement feel now I am much closer to the launch of my new business.

I would highly recommend Business Strategy Sessions for anyone who wants to get focused results on setting up their business start-up.

Name: Kara Bensley-Austin 

Position: Founder, CEO

Company: WYLD Shop (Singapore)

Before working with Patricia, my business (and personal) life was chaos. I was all over the place, lost and overwhelmed by everything.

While working with Patricia in our Strategy Sessions we have implemented structure that has been key to me executing important tasks and organising my personal and professional life.  I have someone who now holds me accountable for all the things that I have to do and that is most important to the success of my business. I feel like I am kicking constant goals at a pace that suits me, and feel that I am growing, and my business is growing.

I would highly recommend Business Strategy Sessions and working with Patricia if you need some structure and someone to engage with on a regular basis, who you can freely share your thoughts and ideas with. Patricia can help you manage your time and give you honest, helpful and constructive feedback.

What are the top 3 things you have learnt about business since working with Patricia?

  1. Confirmed: You will NOT be successful if you do not take ACTION.
  2. Scheduling in "me time" is essential to your personal and business growth.
  3. To increase productivity one must find or create a suitable work environment.

Kara Bensley-Austin

Kara Bensley-Austin, the WYLD Shop


Name: Michelle D.

Before working with Patricia, I was unsure about what direction to take with my career and was thinking about starting my own business.

While working with Patricia in our Coaching Sessions we mapped out how I could change career direction and work in a more meaningful way. After engaging in broader discussions, Patricia clarified a direction I could take based on our discussions and suggested strategies and practical steps for me to focus on. While at times these were challenging for me, acting on them invariably led me to expand my capacities and social networks and have given me a sense of empowerment, enthusiasm and confidence about the career transition I’m making, as well as clarity about the steps I continue to take to achieve this.

Because of our time together I have been able to start making the move from my day job to becoming an entrepreneur. Patricia’s knowledge of business skills and the business environment underpins her approach and with her insight and direction, I have achieved more towards reaching my goals in a shorter time than I would have, if I had not consulted her. Patricia has been inspiring and effective to work with and she has empowered me to make a significant career transition.

I would highly recommend Coaching Sessions with Patricia to other women keen to make a significant career change by starting their own business. Patricia is great to work with. She took the time - actively listening and deeply reflecting - to understand the whole picture of challenges I experienced and how to resolve them so I could make my career move smoothly.

Go from employee to entrepreneur today!

For the best results and greatest results in your business,  



Will it be all theory or stuff I've heard before?

Absolutely not. We hate those types of E-Courses too.

The content is based on what's working right now in profitable businesses all around the world. It’s based on our entire team's experience and from Patricia Kaziro’s experience in launching 3 businesses and applying dozens of modalities, over multiple coaching sessions, with many years professional experience in business. In short, it’s based on strategies that get results.

The fast paced world of business is ever changing and we’ve packaged the tools you need to refine your business skills to turn your dream business into a reality. Wealth for Women, 8 Easy Steps to Business Success E-Course will give you the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to start making money doing what you love.

Why study with us?

Investing in your education is the smartest choice you can make in life.

We specialise in entrepreneurship education. Although there are many different ways to run a business, our courses will give you the skills and clarity to reach your business dreams and goals faster. We provide a clear business roadmap, with 8 easy steps to business success.

Our practical E-Course is interactive and has set tasks that help you to take action, which is  the fastest way to become successful in a new business venture.

You will be supported by innerCIRCLE6 to unleash your potential and achieve your business goals.

We are passionate about helping women gain equal access to education in order to increase their quality of living, so that you can live the life you want.

Education should not be a luxury item. Go your own way by sharpening your business skills and learning the ins and outs of growing a profitable business today.

Why online?

At innerCIRCLE6 we offer you an engaging learning experience with access to our Master Coach Patricia Kaziro and a private online community of entrepreneurs with similar business goals, to support you on your business journey.

We know that it can be difficult to take the first steps to investing in yourself and want to assure you that studying with us will open up opportunities as you study with us, flexibly and wherever you want online, but never alone.

Our learning materials are extremely easy to follow and understand! We have created lesson modules, worksheets and videos that are user-friendly and straightforward so you can gain the knowledge you need to start or grow your own business today. Whether you are seeking a career change or have finished school or a University degree or not or are a mature-age student or a mum looking to start a business, our inclusive online program is the answer.

Our online offering includes:

  • Go at your own pace study schedule to suit your own work and life commitments
  • Inclusive private forums to share progress and gain more business insights
  • Dedicated support from the team at innerCIRCLE6 to give you advice as required
  • Mobile study from anywhere

Course duration:

Go at your own pace modules.

Go as fast or slow as you like.

Recommended pace: 1 Module per week.

Is there access to extra help?

When you join our circle, you join the world of business. At innerCIRCLE6 we provide a friendly circle of support at the ready when you need it. All you need to do is reach out via email or in our private community forum when you have a query and we will answer it. Additional 1:1 Coaching is also available with Master Coach Patricia Kaziro to fast track your business and life success. We genuinely care about your success, it is our #1 priority and we will ensure that you never feel like you are learning by yourself.

Is there one on one coaching included?

Yes, there is an option to upgrade your package by adding on 1:1 Coaching with our Master Coach Patricia Kaziro. When you choose this option you are fast tracking your success by adding the highest level of support on your business journey. Coach Patricia will give you a personal feedback loop via face to face Strategy Coaching sessions as you progress through the modules. You can connect in with Patricia from anywhere in the world via Zoom, ask your questions directly and receive personalised strategic business advice.

How do I access the course?

The E-Course is accessible via a digital download, so you simply need an internet connection to make the download and can then undertake the E-Course at your own pace without internet access. You can engage in the online community forum at any time with an internet connection.


  • 8 Modules.
  • Sold in 2 Bundles.
  • Modules 1-4 (Bundle 1).
  • Modules 5-8 (Bundle 2).
  • Each Module includes 1 x Audio Lesson with Patricia Kaziro and 1 x Worksheet with Practical Exercises to take action on the learnings straight away.


  • Increase your confidence and knowledge about starting and growing your own business.
  • Develop an increased understanding of how to clearly communicate your business solution to key audiences by developing a clear branding strategy and niche for your business.
  • Implement your own high quality business strategy in 8 easy to follow steps.
  • Work effectively by using proven time management processes and structure in your business to save you time and money as your business grows.


After listening to and watching each Module in our E-Course you will be asked to complete a set of practical exercises in your own time and at your own pace. These exercises are the best way to move forward with starting or growing your business today. These exercises are clearly explained, with concrete examples given so you can follow and then start to action them. Exercises are practical, not academic, so that you can put the learnings into practise the same day that you watch our video Modules. Examples of our exercises include:

  • Developing a clear solution to a problem so you can earn money by helping others
  • Creating your own unique business brand including the look and sound
  • Validating your business idea by developing a survey
  • Creating key messages that attract your ideal customer
  • Creating a business development schedule that helps you go from employee to entrepreneur


You are most welcome to leave your feedback about our E-Course and provide comments or a personal review as well. Simply email our Help Centre at  innerCIRCLE6@mail.com to receive our short feedback survey.

Remember, investing in your education is the smartest choice you can make in life.

Ready to get started?


When you join our circle, you join the world of business.

We help you reach your business dreams and goals faster.

Join us today.