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How to increase your productivity and stay true to your values as a Conscious Entrepreneur


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

New day - new set of goals. All of us strive to be better than yesterday. Regardless of your industry or profession, people typically want to maximize their growth, stay true to themselves and feel productive throughout the week.

Today's competition is high. That’s not news. It might seem that everyone around you is doing better than you, achieving more than you, with productivity being rehashed over and over as a means to get ahead. Well we’ve also all heard the horror stories of people who were so busy being productive and climbing a never-ending ladder of achievement that they burnt out. How do we achieve a healthy balance between maintaining our health and well-being, our number 1 priority as an entrepreneur, with the need to execute a multitude of tasks day in-day out? 

At Radiate Coaching we believe that values-based decision making is the key to success in business and life. We work with impact entrepreneurs globally to help them define and gain clarity about what they really care about. Why? Well because when it comes to productivity, it can be very difficult for each one of us to know what is the most important work to be done to drive a business towards success, with limited hours in a day.  Identifying your values helps to set up healthy boundaries and create a clear roadmap about what business activities are worth focussing on, to achieve goals that are aligned with what you care about.  Depending on your individual preferences and working modes, as well as other commitments such as caring for children or study - you need to learn to work in "conscious flow" - essentially cultivating the confidence to do your business in a way that helps you establish a consistently effective workflow.

Have you ever wondered how other people do it? Well, Radiate Coaching helps impact entrepreneurs around the globe to streamline and systematise their businesses and build profitable, sustainable and impactful companies and we'd love to share our top 3 productivity hacks to help you stay true to your values and increase your productivity, all whilst working in “conscious flow”.


We get A LOT of them, every day, every hour. We sign up to so many newsletters and never end up actually reading them. 

Our suggestion is to use segments, labels, tags or folders to reorganize your comms and speed up the time it takes to make your way through your business communication HQ . Simply spend an hour to reorganize your inbox, create no more than 5 folders to collect common types of emails together, such as Invoices, Quotes, Clients, High Value Content and Special Offers. Remember, you don’t need to create even more clutter, so stick to 5 groups. Also, review these tips:

  • Unsubscribe from newsletters you’ve never opened.
  • Delete or archive emails once you’ve responded to them.
  • Add tasks and events to your calendar and delete/archive those emails.
  • Separate your business emails from your personal account. It’s a great way to reduce stress when you have a quiet moment to catch up on personal correspondence, without viewing your work at the same time.
  • Create a system for prioritization and timeframe within which to respond to people, set a personal standard that you can consistently deliver on.
  • Use tools to help you stay organized. For example, Boomerang for Gmail lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages. 
  • Finally, decide when the best time of day to respond emails is and work in blocks to reply. Avoid keeping your inbox open all day and rather, pick two times of the day that you are available to respond. 


Make To-Do Lists.

    We all have a trusty to-do list and at some point many of us end up having more than 10 to-do lists, in different notebooks and shared files. 

    Spend some time to organize yourself by simplifying your note-taking system today. One notebook for daily to-do’s and another for future tasks. 

    Also, keep a shared to-do list with your team or co-workers. Star important items and allocate team members to take ownership of tasks. This will keep you and others accountable to actually execute tasks, because everyone can see who is responsible for what. Have you thought about upgrading your current handwritten notes to an electronic version? Take your pick from the many options on the market - Evernote, Trello and Slack are all effective tools to streamline your communication, allocate ownership and keep track of what work needs to be done in your business. 



    Sounds too obvious, right? Unfortunately there is no substitute for a good night’s sleep to leave you feeling refreshed and capable of taking on the day! According to recent research on the economics of sleep:

    “We’re working more and sleeping less, but we’re not making it up in revenue. Based on a survey of 7,400 individuals, Harvard University estimates sleep deprivation costs companies $2,280 per employee, or 11.3 days of productivity, each year. Nationally, that number could be as high as $63.2 billion. Meanwhile, researchers in Australia estimate it costs nearly 1% of their GDP.” 

    Are you prioritising sleep and rest and relaxation as part of your strategy to build a profitable, sustainable and impactful business? Being highly productive centres on healthy habits and personal organization and the organization of your team, essentially these recommendations are the foundation of business success. 

    Would you like to learn more about increasing your productivity, whilst staying true to your personal and company values? Is it time to step up as an Impact Leader and up-level your business over the next 6 months? If you're ready to grow your business and impact check out our upcoming Conscious Flow Premium Group Coaching Experience, led by our global Impact Business Coach Patricia.