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Convertible Comms 101 - How to earn money with crystal clear communication

Whether you’re trying to grow a business online or grow a business organically, without clear and consistent communication it would be almost impossible to have a successful business. Think about this for a minute; advertising, sales calls, face to face contact with customers, store front with bright colourful imagery or logos, body language and customer service are all critical to helping customers understand what you do and to give you a competitive advantage. We’d love to make clear how to earn more money by creating a marketing strategy that is built on the foundation of clear communication. It is important to be adaptable with your communication style and approach when engaging customers because different customers have differences in their preferred communication style, which in turn drives their buying behaviour. 


Communication Strategy for Business

In this blog we discuss 4 different mediums that can be used effectively to communicate with your target audience.

1- Email

Email is a great way to reach a large audience for a really low price. Other than the cost of your internet connection, email is free so you’re cutting out expensive shipping and mailing costs used for traditional mailbox marketing. It is a great way to send a number of different communication methods such as videos, promotions, colourful and appealing brochures with sales information or product updates. Customers are more receptive to email marketing when a targeted marketing approach is used, for example a business can target their audience based on whether they are new customers, existing or repeat customers, so a personalised touch can be added to the communication being sent out to a bulk audience. For example, update repeat customers with special deals to value their loyalty or send new customers a welcome email.

2- Face-to-Face 

Communication in person helps to form trust in your business relationships because it is an excellent way to be authentic as a business owner and build a strong rapport with your customers, as well as getting all important direct air time with your audience! Customised company greetings and in person procedures that are replicable  are all priceless ways to add value to the customer journey in your store and they also offer the opportunity for you to get a direct feedback loop from your customers about what they like and don’t like about your product or service. 

Face-to-face communication demonstrates to your audience that you are there for them and is a great way to appeal to those customers who like to feel important or included as they have your undivided attention. There’s nothing more personal than communicating with a customer in person, and in the digital age we’re living in, people really appreciate this type of interaction. Face-to-Face communication can be translated into chat bots or a dedicated help team who answer queries if you are operating in the online space. 

3- Phone

It’s becoming increasingly harder to reach people via phone call these days as digital means of communication are expanding, but if you can manage to get a potential customer on the phone you have a good chance of converting this communication into a sale. There’s a sense of urgency with a phone call; you have one-on-one contact with them for a short period of time so the chances of a decision being made are more likely than if your audience are left with an email sitting in their inbox to look at when they get the time. 

Phone calls can be used for business development, especially lead generation, follow ups to purchases, particularly those that are very expensive and to build rapport, gain customers and get feedback from any past customers, which can offer an insight into how to improve your overall business approach.

4- Social Media

Communicating via social media is a way to reach out to your customers and to attract the attention of your target market and potential customers. It ensures that your brand is kept fresh in the minds of people who are viewing your content and can help to make your brand a household name. People are growing increasingly content hungry and social media provides the perfect avenue to deliver microcontent for their consumption, whether it’s sharing blog posts, promotions, educational content that adds value or inspirational posts. You can use social media to build brand awareness about your business, promote your products and services and build community or a following. Social media is effective at building a sense of community which will appeal to your customers who like to feel accepted with the sense of belonging that you create in your community.

A wide range of communication methods can be used across social media platforms including text, imagery, video and links to external websites. An effective social media feature is the Snapchat and Instagram Stories which provide fast, engaging content for a maximum of 24 hours before they disappear. This is a great to give a sense of exclusivity to your audience and can increase engagement due to the sporadic and fast moving nature of the content. Across Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, plus other networks, people are looking to engage and interact with microcontent that is to the point and clear in its messaging and you need to pick at least 1 platform to master to reach your ideal customers, depending on where they hang out!

Buying is not a logical decision making process so it is essential to your business that you understand how to communicate with your customers in a relevant manner to generate sales. Our NEW E-Course, Wealth for Women, 8 Easy Steps to Business Success,  shows you how to identify the key drivers of your potential customers’ buying behaviour and how to develop clear-cut, key messages to effectively communicate with your audience and ultimately sell your product or service. 

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