"Build your dream business and create more impact" - Patricia Kaziro, the Impact Business Coach

Authentic Marketing - the new frontier of business

Here we explore what being an "eco-messenger" is, how to communicate your brand values authentically, to grow your business and acquire new customers in a challenging market. 

In 2020 we've experienced multiple unprecedented disasters and challenges including the Australian bushfires, global Covid-19 pandemic and an uprising of human rights protests in response to the killing of George Floyd in the US. This has resulted in significant global uncertainty and an economic downturn that may take years to recover from. Perhaps it’s no surprise that urgent issues such as the global climate crisis have been put on the backburner as many people are in survival mode and do not have the mental energy to tackle yet another challenge. For impact entrepreneurs it is crucial to cut through the uncertainty and noise to shine a light for others who DO want to connect over social and eco issues. Let’s put sustainable and impactful business back on the agenda! If we choose to do business in an ethical and sustainable way, not only do we solve some of the most pressing challenges in the world right now, but we also have a chance to tap into new and emerging markets of consumers who prefer to choose products and services that are beneficial for our planet and other people. At Radiate Coaching we have coined a new term for changemakers who want to get their message out and reach their ideal customers with shared social and environmental values - they are the new wave of “eco-messengers”. We help “eco-messengers” step up as global entrepreneurs, communicators and change influencers. It is our mission to give “eco-messengers” the tools and techniques to develop an effective communications strategy that will allow them to set their company apart from the competition via a clear brand story and business purpose, mission, vision and values. 

Sustainable businesses are unique in that they minimize their harm on the environment and work in circular, rather than linear ways to re-use, re-make and extend the life cycle of products. Sustainability initiatives can be more cost-efficient in the long run, less wasteful and actually seek to renew the planet’s finite resources when projects replant trees or restore natural environments.

We believe that sustainable business is no longer a buzz-word and it’s time for visionary impact entrepreneurs to maximize their impact and capture the hearts and minds of consumers looking to switch to buying products and services that align with their values. They can do this by giving customers the chance to become part of an impact brand’s success story in saving the planet or alleviating social issues such as poverty and human rights abuses. Some of the most effective impact brands around the globe right now employ technology such as impact trackers to build a live picture of their impact and to engage their customers on their sustainability journey.  

Global Impact Business Coach Patricia Kaziro’s expertise is to help more people activate their values by encouraging them to answer these questions: “How can I give back? How do I create change through my eco-business? How can I make a difference?”. These are the same questions she has answered herself a long time ago, which led to many personal breakthroughs. She has dedicated her life’s purpose to helping others learn about impact entrepreneurship and how being an “eco-messenger” is an effective way to communicate your brand values authentically. 

Authentic marketing means speaking directly to your target audience in a way that resonates with their lifestyle and personal preferences, in this case their social and environmental values. 

Authentic marketing helps you grow your business and acquire new customers. But how do you gain traction and cut through a noisy market to reach your ideal customers?

Radiate Coaching is sharing three ways to start creating authentic marketing that attracts and entices your ideal customers to build a long-term relationship with your brand:


Strategy 1: Delivering high value content consistently 

Yes, high quality content is still king. Giving away educational or inspirational information that captures the imagination of your potential customers is a sure-fire way to connect with your ideal audience. How can you help solve their problems for free? Are you able to provide an uplifting post that taps into your shared social and environmental values and helps people connect with you over a shared cause? Don’t be shy about sharing your beliefs as an “eco-messenger” - it’s important that people know what you stand for and why you do what you do. Demonstrate your unique impact-based selling proposition through high value content that you create. Attract in your ideal customer by getting clear on your brand story and what your business purpose, mission, vision and values are. These inspirational and big-picture levels of your business help your customers feel that your company is a good fit with the way they see the world and that you are similarly working towards protecting the planet, minimizing your business footprint and maximising the social benefits of your products or services for customers and the community. Rinse-repeat on a regular basis to amplify your eco-messaging strategy. 


Strategy 2: Personalisation 

2020 is the year that mindful consumption has become a key consumer trend. With so many global challenges and uncertainty, consumers are tuning out from generic, universal ads that have no real connection to them personally.  What can be done to reconnect with your ideal customers and cut through their pain-points to help them? Check in, ask what they need help with, find out if your product or service or an updated version of what you typically sell would be helpful now. Based on the feedback loop you receive you can create revised and personalised offerings. Build a relationship with your customer and foster trust and awareness, let them know you and like you through your actions and a comfortable customer journey that goes above and beyond their expectations. 

Here are 3 simple things that you could start doing today to engage better with your prospects; 

  1. Send ‘how are you doing at this time?’ emails to people in your networks and pipeline to start a new conversation. 
  2. Engage your current and potential customers by liking, commenting, sharing, connecting and inviting them to join you on your social media platforms.  
  3. Send a high value email filled with insights and current impact or eco progress that your brand is making via your CRM system. 


Strategy 3: Embracing new voice technologies

What? Yes, you read it correctly - voice! Whilst the uptake of new technologies can be challenging as new apps and software are being launched at a fast pace, it is essential to remember that those who are willing to adapt and embrace new technologies will continue to attract high-quality prospective customers. The future of voice-driven search queries is increasing. For example, in the US voice commerce sales are expected to reach $40 billion in 2022. Which is why we’d like to remind you that perhaps it’s time to optimise your content to be found via voice search technology?

At Radiate Coaching we stay up-to-date with current marketing trends and have also established which marketing strategies are effective for the plethora of business types including e-commerce stores, face-to-face services and marketplace digital platforms.  We know how important it is to communicate your brand values authentically, systemise your marketing to achieve a good ROI from every marketing dollar spent and to minimize ad spend in favour of organic marketing and growth hacks to scale your business globally, with a focus on building a branded community with shared social and environmental values.  

If you would like to learn more about how to create an effective authentic marketing comms strategy for your impact business then we invite you to look up our NEW Conscious Flow Premium Group Coaching Experience led by our global Impact Business Coach Patricia. Or reach out directly to Patricia to see how she can help build your authentic marketing strategy via 1:1 Strategy Coaching.